Space for Lease at Halo

Los Angeles, California

Nestled between 2.5 million square feet of office space at the iconic Wells Fargo Center, Halo offers 65,000 square feet of retail opportunities, coupled with generous indoor and outdoor seating, lively gathering spaces, and regular arts programming. Through its alternative work spaces, improved landscaping, and better sightlines, Halo improves connectivity and communication with the surrounding Bunker Hill sub-district.


Retail Leasing

Contact our leasing specialist to explore retail leasing opportunities. From property management services to marketing, our team has the tools to promote ongoing success.

Specialty Leasing: Kiosks, Carts, and Pop-Up Shops

We offer specialty leasing options that range from customizable kiosks and Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs) to pop-up retail spaces. These options position your business in common areas with high foot traffic and give your brand the opportunity to develop brick-and-mortar strategies by having a physical presence with flexible lease terms. We can help you identify markets, properties, and spaces to simplify the transition from online to offline.

Eat / Drink

Whether you are interested in leasing space for a full-service restaurant or a quick-service franchise, our Eat / Drink specialists can help grow your business.

Media Inquiries

If you are a member of the media, you may reach out to our public relations team and a response will be provided as quickly as possible. Please understand that media information is listed for the sole purpose of providing assistance to members of the press.

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