Specialty Leasing

What is Specialty Leasing?

Specialty leasing in the retail space is the industry name for short-term retail space leasing in malls, shopping centers, and other retail centers. It includes a variety of leasing options that extend outside the standard retail space leasing and rentals. RMUs (Retail Merchandising Units), retail carts, mall booth rentals, kiosk space, and pop-up shop leasing all fall under the specialty leasing category and are intended to add short-term retail space and more flexible leasing options for businesses as well as increase the variety of retail selections and spaces available to consumers within the mall space.

Specialty leasing is a great option for smaller businesses looking to get off the ground with a more short-term, less expensive, and flexible option as well as for larger businesses looking to gain a more well-rounded exposure to shoppers throughout a mall.

Specialty Leasing with Brookfield Properties

Grow your brand and reach a larger consumer audience with help from our specialty leasing property management team. Whether you’re a first-time retailer or an experienced merchandiser eager to showcase a seasonal assortment, our shared-space, short term specialty leasing opportunities are designed to fit your business needs.

Brookfield Properties offers short-term leasing options in each of our 170+ retail properties. We invite you to learn more about customizable kiosks, Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs), mall booth rentals, pop-up shop leasing and other short-term leasing options.

Pop-Up Shop Leasing

Showcasing your products in a pop-up shop can generate interest among shoppers who are already in the mood to buy. For digital-first retailers, a pop-up shop can also be an effective way to test a new market or access new audience segments. Reach out today to learn how a brick-and-mortar pop-up could strengthen your omni-channel approach to sales.

Kanye fans walk through a white-walled pop-up for his apparel.

Kiosk Leasing

Kiosks are a versatile and customizable way to attract new customers in a shared common space. By utilizing a 360º design, your kiosk allows shoppers to experience every aspect of your unique products. We provide kiosk leasing opportunities to fit your needs, timeline and budget. 

At a property, a Peloton kiosk sits in a main area. The kiosk is a large, black iron frame surrounding glass panes, filled with Peleton exercise equipment.

Retail Cart Leasing

Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs or carts) offer plenty of advantages to first-time and experienced retailers alike. Our retail properties see millions of shoppers every day, and mall booth rentals offer the ideal platform for specialized product sales, launches and test marketing in the center of our busy common areas. Our retail cart leasing opportunities provide a turn-key, affordable option for opening your business with flexible, weekly, monthly or year-round availability. 

Shoppers explore a holiday cart in a property common space. The cart offers shoppers holiday themed items like stockings and ornaments.

Specialty & Makers Markets

Our properties act as a hub for many communities, and specialty markets are a prime opportunity to access built-in foot traffic at peak shopping times. We invite you to showcase seasonal products, handmade gifts and more with specialty leasing opportunities at Makers Markets, farmers markets and holiday shopping events.

A family walks through the holiday market at Oakbrook Center. White tents line a festively decorated ice skating rink.

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