Careers FAQ

Thank you for your interest in an opportunity with us!

We're sorry for the inconvenience our application has caused you. Please see the guide below for fixes to common issues, including:

  • Validation Errors
  • Uploading Documents
  • Password
  • Security Question and Answer


If you are receiving "Validation Error" messages, use these instructions:

  1. In the top right corner of the browser click the "Settings" icon (looks like a gear)
  2. Click on "Compatibility View Settings"
  3. Type ultipro.com then click "Add", then click "Close"
  4. Close the browser, re-open a new browser and try again, then the issue should be resolved.


If you are having issues Uploading Documents (Resume, Cover Letter, etc.), follow these tips:

You are able to upload a maximum of three documents and cannot delete old ones. If you are experiencing an error when trying to upload a new document, you may have reached the limit of 3 documents. Please email HumanResources@brookfieldpropertiesretail.com with your resume and we will be able to help you upload an additional document.

If you are having issues Creating or Remembering your Password, follow these tips:

If you have ever made an account with us previously - the system will recognize your email. If you don't remember your password, click the "Forgot Password" link and the system will send a link to your email to reset your password. Alternatively, you can create a new account with a new email.

If previously, you had a member of the HR team create a profile for you and add your application to an open requisition, you will also need to go through this process. The email that you had sent to HR, is the one that your profile is registered under, simply go through the process as if you have forgotten your password, and you will be able to create a new on and get into your profile.

Other considerations and requirements when making a candidate profile:

  • Any box with an asterisk (*) by it, needs to be completed 
    Home Phone - needs to be in the format of ###-###-#### 
    Salary – needs to be numbers only, no special characters or letters 
    Password – needs to be 6 characters
  • The system will create a candidate record for you if you select "Submit your Resume" from the left hand menu. However, the system will not tie your record to an application. You must then go to "Browse Open Jobs" and select a specific job to apply for.
  • If you complete the candidate profile (first page) and upload your resume without logging off, the system will create a record and tie it to an application.

* If none of these tips answer your question, trying another internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), as that may also fix your issue.


You should submit an application through ESS > Recruitment Info > Apply Online. When you have submitted your application successfully, you will get a message saying, "Thank you for updating your profile". This means your application went through.

To add additional documents (resume, cover letter, etc.), go to the left hand side and click "Edit your Profile". Again, if you have already uploaded more than 3 documents, you will not be able to upload any more. In this case, email your updated document to HumanResources@brookfieldpropertiesretail.com for us to add.

If you are still unable to apply after reviewing this information, please email HumanResources@brookfieldpropertiesretail.com (include the job title and location) and your resume.

Thank you!