Mall Marketing Campaign Examples 

We design and execute compelling, interactive programs that attract attention to your brand, advertise new store openings, promote events and drive traffic. Target your audience with our robust mix of media options, all strategically placed to reach shoppers who are poised to buy. Our campaigns create a brand experience for your customers, providing opportunities for immediate feedback and long-term brand-to-buyer relationships.

Automotive Industry

Industry leaders such as BMW and Mercedes have engaged Brookfield Properties to promote their vehicles using a variety of tactics. See how we help top automotive brands engage with customers.

Beauty & Cosmetics Industry

Beauty industry giants like NYX and MAC Cosmetics have promoted media events, themed pop-up shops and new products at our properties across the country. Find out more about how we connect beauty and cosmetics brands with shoppers.


Our properties are a natural fit for universities seeking to promote educational programs. We invite you to learn how we can engage prospective students with custom displays, unique branded wraps and more.

Electronics & Technology

Samsung, Facebook and other industry leaders have showcased their latest technologies at Brookfield Properties-hosted product demonstrations and pop-up experiences. Learn more about how we connect shoppers to electronics and technology vendors in creative, engaging ways.


Our unique, customized media activations make it easy to promote television shows, movies and musical artists. Learn more about how we help some of the biggest names in entertainment reach viewers and fans.


Partnering with brands like Cotton Inc. and Dyson, we create unique pop-up activations giving shoppers the chance to try out new products. Learn more about how brands showcase their newest products at our properties.

Financial Services

Financial services companies such as Capital One and Community Choice Credit Union have chosen our properties to host past events and showcase media. Find out more about how we help to market financial services in our high-traffic centers.

Food & Beverage

On-site pop-ups and sampling events are experiential ways to drive awareness of food and beverage products. Explore our past collaborations with brands such as Kind Snacks and Pepsi to learn more about the possibilities.


Mayo Clinic, NorthShore University Health System and other healthcare providers have utilized our properties to create sponsorships and host events. Find out more about how we promote healthcare providers in our centers.

Jewelry & Accessories

Swarovski and David Yurman are among the luxury jewelers that have activated campaigns at Brookfield Properties centers. Learn more about in-property displays, strategic inventory pieces and other ways we can help promote jewelry and accessory product lines.


Using on-site pop-ups and multiple media formats, retail brands such as Fossil and H&M have raised awareness of new products and lines at our properties. Find out more about how retailers utilize our spaces to drive traffic and engagement.


We have extensive experience helping athletic brands and sports teams build hype with fans. Find out more about the programs and activations that delight our shoppers, from NFL player meet-and-greets to engaging static media.