Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability is an integral component of our long-term success. We strive to incorporate sustainable practices into our day-to-day operations and explore ways to foster energy efficiency, conserve natural resources and reduce waste. We believe that using resources in a responsible manner preserves and protects our environment for future generations.

Download our latest Sustainability report and explore sustainability initiatives below.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Initiatives at Staten Island Mall

Staten Island, New York

At Staten Island Mall, a portion of the former Sears building was redeveloped into a 23,000 square foot space for The Container Store. The redevelopment project at Staten Island Mall included the addition of seven high efficiency RTUs that were installed along with a new “cool” roof. The white PVC roof contains 10% pre-consumer recycled material and was manufactured within 25 miles of the job site. Since the project was renovated, rather than demolished, the project produced a relatively small amount of waste. In total, 95 tons of waste was hauled off the site, 65 tons of which was recycled and diverted from a landfill.

Sustainability Initiatives at The Mall in Columbia

Columbia, Maryland

At The Mall in Columbia, a portion of the former Sears building was reconfigured into an 80,000 square foot space for three tenants. The Mall in Columbia has a central plant that utilizes existing high efficiency air handling units (“AHUs”). To further the efficiency of the system, the supply and return ductwork at the roof level were insulated and wrapped with an aluminum jacket to minimize heat gain/loss. In addition, a new Rhinobond system with a SARNIFIL membrane added insulation and rigidity to enhance the roof’s thermal resistance, nearly doubling the R-value from 16.5 to 31.4. The white PVC roof membrane is EnergySmart and highly reflective, which will help avoid heat transfer and maintain a more comfortable interior environment. The roof overlay approach reduced the amount of landfilled material by 85%. In addition, 838 tons of demolished components were recycled and/or reused. The interior and exterior lighting at The Mall in Columbia was upgraded to LED thus reducing energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

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