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Pop-up Leasing Case Studies

All types of brands are popping up at Brookfield Properties centers

Looking to grow your business? Opening a new store can feel like a risk, but short-term leasing can help to create brand affinity with a lower investment.

Pop-ups help brands expand into new selling formats, reach new audiences and test different markets. Activations can be hosted at one location or at a number of properties. Explore a few examples of our pop-up partnerships below, and reach out to learn what's possible for your business. 

Best Buy at Northpoint

Tech Product Pop-Up at North Point Mall in Alpharetta, GA

The Best Buy Tech Home pop-up, which appeared as a large-scale “home” in the center court of North Point Mall in Alpharetta, GA, introduced shoppers to the devices making up today's internet of things. The engaging pop-up gave shoppers a hands-on experience with tech devices that might normally be purchased online.

Featured brands such as Microsoft, Philips, Netgear and Sony gained affinity through physical positioning in the familiarity of a “home,” allowing shoppers to enjoy the technology as it would be used within their own kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, office spaces—and ultimately, their lives.


Kanye West "Saint Pablo"

Musical Artist Promotion at Multiple Locations

Kanye West's "Saint Pablo" pop-ups, hosted at six of our properties, created an experience for millennial shoppers that went beyond a traditional in-line store. The three-day initiative showcased The Life of Pablo merchandise products as if they were pieces of artwork in a gallery. More than 15,000 shoppers visited the installations at Northbrook Court in Chicago, Stonebriar Centre in Dallas, Fashion Show in Las Vegas, Miami Design District in Miami and Clackamas Town Center in Portland.

Thanks to a strong partnership with the retailer, we were able to execute all details of the pop-ups. The team expertly handled everything from the contract to installation to dismantling, all within the span of a few days–proving their ability to pull off a large-scale experience, successfully.




Rotating Restaurant Pop-Up at Northbrook Court in Chicago, IL

At the FOMO restaurant pop-up hosted at Northbrook Court in Northbrook, Illinois, chefs and restauranteurs get the chance to showcase small, curated menus to shoppers hungry for the taste of something new.

The local, gourmet brands featured at FOMO are an unexpected delight at a well established shopping center. This element of surprise allows them to target new segments of diners beyond their regulars. They are also able to test new concepts and menus in a controlled setting.


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