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Holiday on Display Redefines the Shopping Experience

Every artist is unique and finds inspiration in different ways. Christmas cards from long, long ago might stir creative juices in one artist. For others, old comic books or street art culture may do the trick.

The half-dozen artists we enlisted for the Holiday on Display murals exhibition at Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka, Minnesota, are certainly an inspired group. Working with Brookfield Properties’ Creator Lab, the artists turned parts of Ridgedale Center into a vivid gallery displaying their murals.

Adam Thurman, one of the artists we worked with, described his style as “bold, dynamic, graphic” with a lot of bright colors. “It’s sort of a modern take on a vintage style,” Thurman said (he cited comic books as one of his influences). Another artist, Lili Lennox, said she studied Christmas cards from the 1940s and ‘50s and painted scenes “heavily done in blues and purples” amid a backdrop of snow-covered trees.

Take a quick tour of the Holiday Murals exhibition and meet the artists (the murals will remain on display at Ridgedale Center for most of January).

Holiday on Display at Ridgedale Center illustrates just one example of our belief in the positive impact art and artists have on the people and spaces it reaches. Through our Creator Lab, we showcase a variety of creative architects - muralists, photographers, “experiential” chefs, technology “virtuosos” and more - whose work has the power to revolutionize space, connect communities and redefine the shopping center experience.


To learn more about our creative efforts and our commitment to art, check Brookfield Properties Creator Lab.