Sell Outside the Box With Brand Studio

New glass box concept offers emerging brands a unique way to connect with customers

What do 300 square feet look like to you? For some, it’s a studio apartment in New York City. For others, a lavish walk-in closet. And if that doesn’t resonate, imagine a standard size school bus which clocks in at–you guessed it—300 square feet.

To us­­ and the brands we work with, 300 square feet means endless opportunities to grow a business. Our new concept, Brand Studio, is a 300 square-foot, modern glass box that gives digitally native brands the chance to test out phsyical retail without the commitment of a long-term lease. The glass box acts as a turn-key micro-store, offering up-and-coming brands a low-risk way to get their foot inside malls and reach thousands of shoppers. That’s what we call selling outside (or is it inside?) the box.

So how can brands turn the Brand Studio concept into a business accelerator? It all depends on how they utilize the space. Each glass box is equipped with merchandising units, lighting, power circuits, a cash rap, and can be completely branded by the retailer that occupies it. The fully equipped Brand Studio box creates a seamless onboarding experience, which is critical for brands who are entering physical retail for the first time. Whether it's a glass box or another space within our malls, a partnership with Brookfield Properties helps brands alleviate pain points, allowing them to focus on other aspects of what their store is going to deliver. 

The Brand Studio micro-store—which is located in the center of the mall and can currently be found at Glendale GalleriaNatick MallOakbrook Center, and Stonebriar Centre—comes with other advantages. 


Data shows that strong regional shopping centers deliver a higher count of unique shoppers—40% more unique shoppers during a three-month period— on average than urban retail districts. Additionally, mall shoppers come primed and ready to buy rather than browse, meaning brands with a shopping mall presence not only garner greater exposure for customer acquisition but also benefit from higher sales volume due to consumers’ mission-based shopping trips.*


FIT:MATCH case study

FIT:MATCH, an AI-powered apparel shopping match platform, recently opened a pop-up in a Brand Studio space in _______.  Their glass box attracts customers and invites them to collect over 150 body measurements and combine them with their fit and style profiles to offer the best matches avaialble. 



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