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Discover "All the Feels" at Brookfield Properties

In an age of increased online shopping, consumers are yearning for the sensations of touch, sound, taste, scent and sight to bring back the fun of in-person shopping—“In Real Life.” While convenience might promise more time, humanity is longing for more connections.

Isn’t it more exciting to “Update Your Soft Wear” with a plush new cardigan? To “Enable Cookies” with freshly-baked treats? Or to “Hit Reboot” on some stylish new footwear?

In 2018, Brookfield Properties’ in-house marketing department worked with Willoughby Design to develop a flexible and appealing campaign, All The Feels, that zeroed in on the advantages of in-person, reality-based shopping. From textures to tastes, smells to sounds, Brookfield Properties’ campaign brings shoppers out from behind their devices, into the experience of welcoming interactions at every sensory level.

The "All The Feels” national campaign highlights the benefits of being able to engage all five senses when shopping in-person vs. online. From the captivating sparkle of an earring, the refreshing fizz of a soda, or the satisfying crunch of a first bite—these are the kinds of in-the-moment experiences you won’t find online.

A multi-channel campaign, All The Feels includes digital, out-of-home, corporate/property websites and in-mall signage. Built on a database holding more than 400 original images, representing more than 250 tenants, the campaign features up-close shots of apparel, product and food. Each photo is associated with multiple human senses and emotion-driven words and is presented in a monochromatic color story—adding impact to the highly textural images.

All in all, the result is a campaign that centers on reminding consumers that although the online experience may be convenient, engaging ALL the senses—in real life—is the only way to truly enjoy shopping.

Learn more at www.brookfieldpropertiesretail.com