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Spot Holder Has Launched

A new solution for line management and occupancy challenges

Offering virtual lines, occupancy tracking and safer shopping. Brookfield Properties’ newest technology integration, Spot Holder, offers retailers and tenants solutions for the challenges of the new retail environment. Spot Holder will allow consumers to skip the physical lines and schedule their on-site visits ahead of time, around their personal schedules.

Spot Holder will also ease retailer’s and store manager’s minds, accommodating social distancing requirements by allowing for tracking of occupancy restrictions. Enabling customers to join a virtual waitlist or book in-store appointments, Spot Holder will drive more in-store engagement making it easier for store teams to get customers in and out.

Spot Holder is just one way Brookfield Properties is adapting to the “next” normal. We are continuing to seek creative solutions to evolve our shopping centers every day and are excited to work with our retailers and tenants on these challenges.


Don't wait! Start safely managing your line today. Find onboarding and additional program details here. Questions? Contact spotholder@brookfieldpropertiesretail.com